Monday, January 10, 2011

Matt Monta and Chris Shaw "Going Home"

Chris Shaw & Matt Monta - "Going Home" from Jeff Tobin on Vimeo.

This week...

Let's see what happened just in a week. Hold your breath now it's gonna be a bumpy ride. I had about fifteen meetings this week, who'da thought a musician would have so many freaking meetings? Here is a brief summary. Justin Campbell and I met about the Motown Show we are doing at Woodlands Feb 19th, 2 ASB rehearsals, brainstorming meeting about the We Are Columbus unofficial SXSW showcase, meeting with Via Vecchia about doing some music there...awesome place btw and great people running it. Ok then practice with Jimmy Castoe (um..need I say more? bad ass) and Charles Scott (Mojo Flo) we have been working up a set of some original tunes of mine and covers. A video shoot with Matt Monta for The Columbus Duets Project (thanks Jeff Tobin for filming), played happy hour with Donna Mogavero at Woodlands, played in Chillicothe with Andy (bro), Andyman Hopkins, and Adam Cummins..great time! What next? I went to the Columbus Bridal Show (huh?) and passed out some flyers for Shaw Brothers..gotta get those wedding gigs! Another meeting with all the bands for the Austin/Columbus showcase at Kobo, and rounded off the week with another gig at Woodlands for "Last Night Out" with Jeff Tobin and Chris Bell. Check out Chris Bell immediately! So now what? Well, it has been a very busy year so far just planning, organizing, finding sponsorships for the We Are Columbus Showcase in Austin. Please come out to the show there will be a Columbus Showcase (two actually) February 10th and March 5th both at KOBO. Jacob Wooten has been kind enough to wave production fees so all the money collected will go towards funding the project. for more info! Otherwise Andy Shaw Band and The Columbus Duets Project dual release February 25th at Ruby's 1978 Summit Street. Phew...till next time!