Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watch Your Money

Everyone's got money problems right? Well, sometimes when you feel like you are doing well something comes up and then you got money problems again..that's kinda what happened to me recently, though luckily I had some saved so I'm good. Anyway, I wanted to do a call and response type of chorus with back up singers where the main vocal kind of improvises over their refrain so in this case it's "Watch your money". Each verse will have kind of a different story that all comes back to that common phrase. These verses will be specific times where I should have been more careful. Going for an old school feel for this clearly, I'm liking it so far. Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Cover

Here is me acting like a fool and if you will see thats me playing an F chord but not an F chord like I used to play. This is due to my lessons I do every Monday with Kraig Phillips. He is a great teacher and has really helped me along with my guitar skills. Playing F this way allows me to not jump so much around the guitar while learning this new cover song "Mama Hold My Hand" by Aloe Blacc. I stumbled across a youtube video of him playing with a string quintet, it's pretty bad ass. Check out the other tunes to..oh and his bad ass (crushed velvet?) suit!

Also if you want to learn the tune yourself, these chords seem to be accurate. I am learning it on guitar but the original is on piano, great melody great chords, simple yet just awesome. (when I pasted it in from Google Docs it did this weird highlight thing and now I can't get rid of it so excuse that)

Mama Hold My Hand
Aloe Blacc

MamaF   Am   Bb   Bb Am Gm (3x)
                   cross this road...
F                 Am
When I was just a little boy
Bb                          Bb Am Gm
Well I would go out to play
And I would wander so far from home
That I would lose
my way
And I'd call on
my momma to help me
and she'd come right away
To help me get back home where I wanna be
And here's what I say

F             C
hold my hand
Bb                  Bb    Am   Gm        F
I don't think I can cross this road by myself
hold my hand
I don't think I can cross this road by myself
F                Am
And when I was a young man
Bb              Bb    Am   Gm
I would go astray
Didn't want nobody to
hold my hand
Wanted to make
my own wayDm                 Am       
my momma would come out to help meDm                 Am
But I pushed her away
Dm                     Am
Cause I just wanted to be on
my ownBb                Bb    C
And here's what I say

F              C
Momma leave
my hand
Bb                   Bb    Am   Gm        F
I've been waiting to cross this road by myself
Am         Bb          Bb     Am    Gm
Cross this road by myself
F                   Am
Well now that I'm a grown man
Bb           Bb    Am    Gm
And I've moved away
I got a house a 9  to 5
my wife we got a kid on the way
Momma told me that life's gonna get rough
Take it day by day
But every once in awhile I get scared
And I wish I could say

F             C
hold my hand
Bb                  Bb    Am   Gm        F
I don't think I can cross this road by myself
hold my hand
I don't think I can cross this road by myself
F               Am                     Bb
my momma is near the end of her years
Bb   Am   Gm

And her hair is grey
Sometimes I call her
To ask her if she would like to spend the day
Dm               Am
Momma used to be strong but she aint now
Dm                      Am
And she can't make her way
Dm                           Am
That's why I'm always around when she needs help
Bb                 Bb   C
And here's what I say

F             C
hold my hand
Bb                    Bb    Am   Gm          F
I don't think you can cross this road by yourself
hold my hand
I don't think you can cross this road by yourself
F Am Bb Bb Am Gm F (2x)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Practice Sesssion with Band

So I finally got some REAL people to get together to work on these songs I have been slaving over forever. This song is one I really wanted to go over because I really thought the feel was there from my demos and I wanted to see what flavor they brought, especially since I had not recorded a bass part. Chad Flanagan is playing drums, I met him at the church I play like every other Sunday, really nice guy and he's got a solid pocket. Really excited to get these tracks going! What do you think with the live band?