Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Name Decision and Recording Update

Topher James and Biscuit Brigade, that's the name I've decided on. The blog's title finally makes sense. It's my name but in a sneaky way (ChrisTOPHER JAMES Shaw) since there were too many Shaw projects (Andy Shaw Band, Shaw Brothers, and recently Dan Shaw and the Organ Crusaders) out there I decided to go against having my last name in there. Also, I just always liked the way "Biscuit Brigade" sounded so there ya have it.

So recording in Athens continued this past week with a vocal session. I feel really good about the vocal takes I laid down and "Just Maybe" is one of the tracks that's really coming out as a shining track in my mind. I have been playing that song for a while now so two vocal takes was about all it took to get it done which made me feel like a real musician..ha. Part of the process in Athens is to go with the flow and not tear myself down so taking whole takes of vocals (not cutting multiple takes up in Protools) is really nice. We may do a little editing and I'll see what Josh wants to do but we really only have a few takes to cut from anyway so it's nice for me. I am not a huge fan of over-doing recordings in general. I love to have at least some of the original integrity of the musician's take on the recording even if it has a few fuck ups. Often times those are people's favorite moments on records I believe. Next is background vocals and keys and I'm excited to say that some great local talent will be represented. Stephanie Rogers has signed on to do some tracks, we got together the other day and she sounded great working out some ideas. Also, playing a church gig with Jenny Lute almost every other week has allowed me to 1. Sing with an amazing singer multiple times in a month 2. Bug her to do some back ups on my album so I think she's signed on for a few tracks (at least) which is also very exciting. Dan Shaw (of the previous mentioned Organ Crusaders) has also agreed to lay some tasty organ down on the record. I always loved watching Dan with G. Finesse and now that he has a full on Hammond B3 it's just perfect. I think his skills are going to really up the ante on this project.

Last but not least side note SXSW is coming up and Andy Shaw Band will be traveling down for a quick jaunt as a trio (in the Prius!) to do a few showcases. To send us off properly there will be a FREE show with FREE Waffles --- duh Wafflepalooza 2013 --- at Brother's Drake Sunday March 10th 5p-9pm and we have designed and printed a very special limited edition Wafflepalooza T-Shirt for the event. Til next time.