Sunday, March 28, 2010


One of my favorite shows at SXSW we attended was at Flipnotics Coffeespace. This video is John Elliot with Raina Rose, Anthony Dacosta, Andrew Pressman (bass), and Trevor Smith (banjo)..I hope those last two names are right. Ok, I know this is supposed to be Columbus and the music scene here but my adventures in C-Bus and music take me all around so it is inevitable some artists will come in and out from other places. These musicians need to be promoted..they are so good (in my opinion). Oh, and a good tie in to C-Bus is that John Elliot is playing the Cowtown Round on July 12th. Jason Quicksall will be there as always and he asked me to fill the third spot...sweet!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good times..side note from SXSW

So I got a text today from good ol' Eric Nassau. The man is a great songwriter, a great person, and basically a legend in C-Bus as far as I am concerned. He is the guy that has introduced me to so many awesome awesome people. I will be posting some videos of Raina Rose and John Elliot most likely soon whom I saw at SXSW and about a year and a half ago in Columbus..the connection from them was made through Eric. So anyway, he texted me today to come over and play some music. Now I had been coming down from the high in Austin so I was still tired and was not gonna go, after a few texts and a call later he convinced me. So glad I went. We jammed out on some old time fiddle tunes, bluegrass stuff, cajun, and I met Jen Sygit and Sam Corbin who were staying at Eric's house just for a night or two while coming through C-Bus on tour. They are from Michigan and both super nice and great songwriters. Being more of a "song" person than an instrumentalist, I was ready to jam out today on just songwriter stuff, I just love accompanying a good song....anyway we did a lot of stuff but that is where my heart lies. Here is a video of Jen Sygit playing one of her original tunes, great stuff and I looved playing her really old Gibson guitar, so awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just got back from South By Southwest (SXSW). So awesome. Lots of great performances and debauchery. I will attempt to summarize as best as I can. We will also be posting on the ASB blog so check it out for more. The first video I am posting is one of the first bands we saw called Vandaveer. This was a showcase at a great little wine bar called Uncorked up on the hill just a bit away from the main strip in Austin, atleast from what I could tell not knowing the area very well. It was super chill and there were some great acoustic performances going on. This duo is out of DC I believe and I wish I would have gotten more footage. Check them out at, really good stuff.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last Floorwalkers, Thirsty Ear, crazy good week of music

So last Wednesday was the last weekly Wednesday Floorwalkers show at Ruby's..can we say packed? Man, they were like sardines and the constant flow coming in and out of people was amazing. Good job my friends, you are doing something right for sure, wow. So after the Alana Benefit there was the Floorwalkers crazy last show highlights of the night for me -- Tony aka G. Finesse throwing a verse down on "You've Got To Learn" man he is sick, by the way he is taking over Wednesdays at Ruby's so I wish you luck man for sure. Oh yeah they played "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday"...just had to do it, it was pretty perfect I will say, I almost teared up a bit. Good job guys, I wish you much success...not like they are leaving Columbus or anything but it does feel kinda like the end of an era. So after that it was Thursday where I worked on one of the duets album songs w/Caleb Powers. If ya don't know Caleb, he has got awesome loong brown hair,,I'm talking long and looks like he may be found at any metal show (but it's more likely a jazz set at Dick's Den) he is a great mandolin player not to mention guitar, fiddle, and banjo. We have been writing this tune and he has been kicking my ass on it for the duets album and it is almost done, one more practice I think and then it gets recorded March 7th whether I like it or not..thanks Caleb! This album so far has been a great learning experience and Caleb in particular has pushed my guitar playing skills to place I never knew I could go (nor wanted...ha) but the song I think is gonna come out really awesome. So then I taught my fiddle group at Wellington School and then went to a gig at The Gateway on campus. This was for a veterinary conference that our friend Christina set us up with. Great gig, free food and beer, free money (ha) and yeah all around good times. Friday the Royal Tycoons played a happy hour set (that I booked) at Thirsty Ear, I was not there to see it but I heard it went well. I showed up later for Mojoflo and The Pinstripes who were this awesome ska band ala Toots and the Maytals and newer bands such as the Aggrolites (who I just got into, gooood stuff) these young guys are really good check them out, they are out of Cincinnati. The Ear was packed and of course Mojo did a great job. I ended the night at Dick's Den to see Derek Dicenzo and his band rip it up jazz style (btw, saw Caleb there). I am not a huge jazz head but Derek rips it up like I said...and Nate Anders on vibes?? DAMN. Ok so then Saturday Angela Perley, The Lewis Brothers, and Fodder Beets played happy hour at Thirsty Ear (another gig I booked) it was packed as well..and then Jason Quicksall and his band and Andy Shaw Band rocked out the rest of the night. I really liked the combo Jason had up there with Chris Guthrie on drums, good stuff,,he really is a great drummer. Sunday...well I did not do any real music stuff it was a loong great music week I needed a break. Go Columbus music scene!