Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good times..side note from SXSW

So I got a text today from good ol' Eric Nassau. The man is a great songwriter, a great person, and basically a legend in C-Bus as far as I am concerned. He is the guy that has introduced me to so many awesome awesome people. I will be posting some videos of Raina Rose and John Elliot most likely soon whom I saw at SXSW and about a year and a half ago in Columbus..the connection from them was made through Eric. So anyway, he texted me today to come over and play some music. Now I had been coming down from the high in Austin so I was still tired and was not gonna go, after a few texts and a call later he convinced me. So glad I went. We jammed out on some old time fiddle tunes, bluegrass stuff, cajun, and I met Jen Sygit and Sam Corbin who were staying at Eric's house just for a night or two while coming through C-Bus on tour. They are from Michigan and both super nice and great songwriters. Being more of a "song" person than an instrumentalist, I was ready to jam out today on just songwriter stuff, I just love accompanying a good song....anyway we did a lot of stuff but that is where my heart lies. Here is a video of Jen Sygit playing one of her original tunes, great stuff and I looved playing her really old Gibson guitar, so awesome.

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