Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New state, old song, new cover

So we made it to Florida wirth Andy Shaw Band. We are staying in this great condo that band friend/booker/helper extraordinaire Genean hooked us up with. So we found out today that we need a new transmission for our (brand freakin new..well, just bought) van. it's a 2008 or so so it should be fine but the transmission went bad I guess, I know nothing about cars. What's this have to do with my recording project? Not a lot, just giving a bit of context to the situation. So I do not have my own room as there are basically four "bedrooms" (Matt is actually in an office with a pull out bed). I am on the couch so as you can see my temporary set up (pictured) is kinda, well let's just say it works enough. If someone can invent an absolutely portable sound proof climate controlled (I might add cheap) musician practice studio they would make millions..even if they ARE cheap. But I digress. So today I am trying to keep busy and keep momentum going while being on the road, being with a lot of people, and not having my normal space to work in. I was working on a tune today by Amy Winehouse called "Wake Up Alone". I really am looking to her as an inspiration and I love the guitar tracks on this song. The one is arpeggios the whole tune and the other is just doing hits on the 4 (tune's in 6/8). It's a great one and listening to the actual track from the cd gives me some tricks I didn't get from the book. Its definitely getting there..im also working on an old tune I'm trying to fit a groove to it as originally I wrote it for acoustic. I really like the lyrics so I think this ones going to be good. It's called "Airplanes" as of now and I wrote it when flying somewhere alone..can't remember where. Lots of time to think and observe in the airport waiting and on the plane especially when flying alone. Gonna see what I come up with groove wise maybe improvising w/percussion with out my drum set in the house were staying in. Hopefully I will get something up in the next few days. For now here are the lyrics so far:

Lots of people making great changes
Some just need a break
And others want to see home

Strange ways
Everybody's looking out for themselves they
Don't want to help you
But guilt gets in the way

Baby's crying
Planes are flying off in the distance
Everybody's going there own way
Bags are packed there eyes look straight ahead

Once in a while you'll get a smile
We all have to board the same damn plane

There are a few more lyrics but I like these ones so far, gonna keep 'em. Any suggestions? Anyone read this thing?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Money Make You_sample by efilsitra
Here is the song with the working title "Money Make You". This is about not letting go of your dreams and though you have to work and what not, you can still go after what it is you really want. God it sounds so cheesy when I type it but I really believe it. I had a friend who talked a lot about "the man" and what not in high school and I see him now in the corporate world and it can be hard. I want people to be able to live the life they want, maybe it's hard but it's worth it. Any thoughts? I am trying to create a deep pocket groove so this is the newest rendition of what I think the drums should feel like.
So I am compiling a list, seems like it keeps getting longer. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping on track and following through so this is a good way to keep my self accountable..the blog, the list..all of the documentation. Maybe if I write down the stupid stuff I do I can fix it, and the good stuff I can keep. This is a working list and yes the "Biscuit Brigade" is a working title of the band..I may go with "Chris Shaw and the Biscuit Brigade" or just the name itself, or scrap it later..not sure. I have been toying with it and it is the name of this blog, fittingly. I am a really big fan of the songs on the top of the list. Jimmy Castoe, Charlie Scott and I have been rehearsing for a bit and Crazy and Just Maybe sound really good, especially when Tim Magree adds his keys to the mix. I love The Ones We Hate/Why Do We Stay? as well but it needs some structure work. New Home just needs to figure out the feel and I will be posting some versions here soon. Ok, off to record some more!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

John Legend & The Roots - Little Ghetto Boy (Live In Studio)

This groove is tasty, was listening to this in my car today, original tune by Donny Hathaway, love The Roots/John Legend interpretation.

New music venture (kinda), and new direction of the blog..kinda

So I have not posted in a while. I have decided to move the direction of the blog into a more personal matter, I may still post about my experiences in the Columbus scene and really it is still my experience in music. Point is, I am going to document my new musical venture. For a long time I have been working on a "solo" band. That being it is not Andy Shaw Band, it is not Shaw Brothers, it's really not even "Chris Shaw" solo. It is a new band with me playing electric guitar and I am attempting kind of write in a direction. I never have done this before, normally I just write whatever comes to my head and sometimes it sounds like my brother (I think) or sometimes it sounds like whatever I listened to on the radio, or just me. I like this a lot and I like my style but recently I have been getting really into some music and I have kind of figured out it is mostly soul....with some other stuff mixed in. Some of the artists I have really been getting into include throwback musicians like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Mayer Hawthorne, that pay tribute to soul, motown, ska, classic r&b, and the like. I recently have been realizing that this is the music I have always been into, groove music, something that speaks deep to well...the soul. I grew up with bands like Sublime which has elements of soul/reggae/hip hop, No Doubt (reggae/deep grooves), and always come back to these records as my favorite types of music. I have always appreciated the grooves that G. Love and Special Sauce come up with especially on the album "Electric Mile", if you hate on G. take a listen to this album it may change your mind. So right now I am attempting to write in this style taking the electric guitar and using it almost as a percussion instrument and not the lead instrument like an acoustic and create different grooves.

I could go further and I will, but I am going to jump into today. Today I am working on a song with the working title "Different Inspirations". This is a song originally inspired by the classic songwriter inspiration: a break up. This is about when I was newly broken up and just thinking about her and not being able to just do the things I wanted because she would not get out of my head. Then I would go out and I would see her at all the places I hung out at. So it's not finished and songs change meanings as time goes by, and if I have not finished writing a song and now feel a different way sometimes I change the meaning of the lyrics. I am not sure if this is going to happen yet but we will see.

What I have been doing recently is demo'ing out all the parts, or at least core parts like guitar, vocals, drums, maybe bass (usually played on guitar), and sometimes piano. There are a few key groups I am not trying to necessarily emulate but get inspiration from. I mentioned Adele, Amy Winehouse, Mayer Hawthorne, and then there's The Black Keys (see album "Brothers"),  Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, and similar artists. I like to take certain simple guitar rhythms and build a groove off of that and the drums. So here it goes. I will be posting some audio/video/lyrics and such as I go. Please feel free to comment and such.