Friday, September 16, 2011

So I am compiling a list, seems like it keeps getting longer. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping on track and following through so this is a good way to keep my self accountable..the blog, the list..all of the documentation. Maybe if I write down the stupid stuff I do I can fix it, and the good stuff I can keep. This is a working list and yes the "Biscuit Brigade" is a working title of the band..I may go with "Chris Shaw and the Biscuit Brigade" or just the name itself, or scrap it later..not sure. I have been toying with it and it is the name of this blog, fittingly. I am a really big fan of the songs on the top of the list. Jimmy Castoe, Charlie Scott and I have been rehearsing for a bit and Crazy and Just Maybe sound really good, especially when Tim Magree adds his keys to the mix. I love The Ones We Hate/Why Do We Stay? as well but it needs some structure work. New Home just needs to figure out the feel and I will be posting some versions here soon. Ok, off to record some more!

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