Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Side Note

Sorry I've been a little absent. I've been working on this with my team of awesome people, Please check it out and stay tuned for more posts!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not Worth Fighting Anymore

Not Worth Fighting Anymore by efilsitra
 This is a song that the chorus has been floating around in my head for a while. Today I sat down at the keyboard and the chords and verse and lyrics just flowed out naturally, I love when that happens. The words really just laid right out, they may not be perfect yet but they feel good that's a start. Here are the words so far and the audio does not reflect all the words yet it's just really to get the feel. Here are essentially my working notes:

The very first time I saw you I was intriqued
F                                 Am   Dm
Following you around like some kind of creep
F                                 Am   Dm
You looked like someone I knew I had to meet
F A Bb
As the sun went down we talked and laughed and bathed our feet
F                                 Am   Dm

The fact that we met again I felt it must be fate
Darkness covered all of the park and I knew I was too late
With all these tangled wires insanity can   b break
But this time I knew it was the screen that saved

lead in with C ?
When it isn't worth fighting anymore
When it isn't worth the time that it was before
When it takes everything in you not to bleed
Gm         C
That's when you know
That it's time to go
              C(7)            F

The years went by and I dove much further in
I became a master of disguise a pro at disconnection
Every time I'd cry I'd let that water roll down the drain
I knew there was something better but I could not break free

But you didn't come up to bed that fateful night
You had no fight left in you
I knew right then then it was over I had to make things right
I care too much I was done with what you put me through (something like that)