Monday, August 9, 2010

Spikedrivers at Goodale Park 2010

Columbus is cool in that if someone has an idea they usually can just do it. I read in the Columbus Alive today about a woman named Nikki Portman who was in Brooklyn recently and happened upon a thing called Brooklyn Flea. She thought she would bring the hipster friendly open air market idea to Columbus so she did just that. I attended Summer Flea, she kinda stole the name but she gets some points for some originality and it was really awesome. This is a music blog and this is a bit off topic but the one thing missing was in fact music. It seems like everything that I have been waiting for in C-Bus or everything I see in different cities I think is cool happens to come here like the week after I am thinking of it. In this case I was in Washington D.C. like maybe a year or two ago and was thinking man we really need some cool open air flea type hodge podge markets where people can just set up their shit (pardon my French) and just sell. Nice work Nikki Portman, and like I said my suggestion is just to add maybe a small acoustic act who can just either busk, you pay them (ideal) and have them bring a small p.a., or heck have a stage. Switch the acts up every time you do it and you are good to go. I was thinking about these types of markets and cool things to do, they are not just for us C-Bussers but for tourists. The more stuff we have going on all the time the more people will WANT to come visit this awesome city and happen upon something cool and in that realize the amazing stuff going on here every day that you may have to hunt to find otherwise. Anyway fun times. So before I went to Summer Flea I enjoyed some great FREE music at Goodale Park Music Series. The Spikedrivers are one of my fav bands in C-Bus and I keep thinking they are going to break up. They are all kinda all over the place, heck Megan lives in New York and John Boerstler just got a new liver, I guess it's more of a fear then anything because I love them so much! The people in the band are all so down to earth especially Megan and Jesse (the ones I know the most) and I can't say enough good things. So they keep on playing and I love it, somehow Megan finds the time to drive/fly back and fourth from NYC, you crazy Megan. Here are two little clips from today I took on my iPod nano, yes they have video cameras on them now. The audio is ok, but the video aint bad for a thinner-than-a-pencil heavy-as-a-spoon camera.

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