Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Been a while

I always feel like it's been a while since I last posted...probably cuz I am busy. Well, X-Mas happened, nothing too exciting except I got some money to pay for an electric guitar amp, which I bought today. Wow I think I got a really good deal it's a Fender Super-Sonic (sweet name!) and it was $512 and I had $515 in my bank to get it, ha nice! I was going to get a blues junior which are $500 new..pahh, this one blows that amp out of the water..so pumped! So that was sweet and I played on that some today, need to do more of that tomorrow it was a busy day I got a lot done I feel like, at least. Andy and I had an interview with Mr. Pete Vogel who is putting a documentary about the music scene in Columbus together. We played together in Matt Monta's band and he is a suuuper awesome guy and a huge cheerleader for C-Bus. I am so excited he is doing this documentary and from what I have seen it looks like it is going to be awesome. So then I went to record some violin with Jessie Barr at his house/studio. We worked on a Beatles/Paul song called "Junk" that Jessie had recorded with Joey Hebdo and John Elliot..great version and am excited to hear the final product. Then over to Ruby's for the Tuesday Evan Oberla jam session....great fucking time! The first song we played was kinda reggae-ish and Tony G. Finesse and Ollie Hightower freestyled back and fourth over it, good shit. The second song I played was Jessie Barr singing a Bob Marley tune (I did not recognize wtf?) and it had the crowd dancing, always fun when you have never played together and you can get the people dancing. Good freaking day and night, wow just awesome. Tomorrow Joey Hebdo and I shoot a video for The Columbus Duets Project out February 25th along with the ASB cd release...busy busy busy year in 2011 can't wait! Enough links? Well go visit them already!

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