Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be The Proof (new song)

I can be an over-analyzer I admit it but being a musician you kind of have to be some times. I think a lot about the career I have chosen because it's hard to find your way sometimes. It's also one of those jobs where for me I am alone a lot. I rehearse with people, I gig with others, I hang out in bars/venues, but when those things aren't happening it's a lot of alone time. Practice alone, work on booking alone, write alone (if not co-writing of course), etc. so it leaves time for thinking. If you don't choose some kind of path in music you can really get lost and I see this with a lot of people I know. You can really get into a pattern of playing lots of gigs to make money but then five years down the road you realize you are chasing the dollar and not a dream anymore. Connecting a bunch of "gigs" just to pay the bills is not what I want. I want to make an impact on people with my original music and find people I truly connect with. Long story short this new song is about that very thing and just the struggle with it.

I really enjoy the groove to this song which is inspired by Sam Cooke and classic soul and gospel. The lyrics so far (not all represented in this clip) are:

I want to be the proof
I want you to see the truth
I don't want to fake it I just want to make it on my own

Aint asking for much these days
I just need a little bitty raise
Just a little bit longer if I can only keep my head up

I want to be the proof that you can make a living doing something you actually like. I want people to see the true me, and I don't want to fake it by playing other people's songs or be this fake person in a cover band that I hate. The next verse is kinda self explanatory I'd say. 2013 is about getting to that next level for me. Please let me know what you think of the song. 

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