Wednesday, July 14, 2010

House Concert, Cowtown

Man good good weekend. Unfortunately I missed the Surly Girl Parking Lot Blowout but you can check out highlights on I did however have a great weekend with shows of my own, ASB, Shaw Bros which I talked about in the last post. Sunday night we had a house concert with John Elliot who is from Minnesota originally and no is not the Floorwalker. I met John and Raina Rose at Rumba about two years ago Eric Nassau had told me about the show and I just loved their stuff. I followed both of them online through mailing lists and when we went to SXSW I caught up with them and told them both if they ever wanted to do a house show I was totally down. So Sunday we did it and it was well..I said it was great already! John's songs are brutally honest, sad at times, and very funny at other times. In the same breath he will make you laugh and then make you think. "Grandpa cheated all the time, grandpa told 'em where to sign kept his family alive...grandpa sat on the lake, grandpa ate a sandwich". "It's like I never learned to love no one ever walked me through it no one taught me how to do it no one told me that it's real and it's not enough to feel and it's not enough to promise and it's not enough to try".

So lots of great friends surrounded our couches and chairs and watched in awe as John Elliot played a heartfelt set. Eric Nassau played as well as the Shaw Brothers. I can't say enough about Eric's songwriting either, just love what he does. Monday night John and I joined Jason Quicksall for Cowtown Round. A happy hour show with New Water Moonshine brought a healthy built in crowd for a Monday night. The crowd kept around and somewhat shifted to a later crowd but was pretty steadily busy the whole night which was awesome especially for people to see John. I had a great time playing my solo original tunes it was nice to have that forum to do that. On Tuesday a whole bunch of friends joined me at Cafe Bella along with John (who decided to stay in town one more day because of the rain) and we all had a great dinner, felt like a big family. It is so great to have such good people surrounding me. We all tried to get John Elliot to move to Columbus..ha it was great. He lives in LA and I figure if you are gonna tour so much you might as well have a base that is super cheap...and more awesome then LA..ha actually I have never been so I can not hate. It just sounds expensive..I am from the midwest after all..I am cheap. So thanks to John for coming in we had suuch a good time. Andy and I (Shaw Brothers) now have plans to tour with John next May so I am suuuper stoked! I will post a video of the house concert ASAP.

Oh on another solo note. I am playing Woodlands (formerly Thirsty Ear) July 23rd 5pm-7pm for a happy hour type show. The actual "happy hour" shows are 6p-8pm but this one will be outside on the patio (weather permitting) and kind of overlap that show. Happy Hour starts at 4pm there so come on out and have a drink ($2 on ALL drafts ALL domestic bottles and ALL wells....pretty effing awesome..better than Bodega I believe). Sweet.

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