Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long weekend..not over yet!

A long weekend for me and it aint over yet! Thursday night 2 Shaws and a Perry (That's Andy, me, and Theo) played at Lucky's stout house where we rotate singing lead. Andy Theo and I rotate playing drums, guitar, and singing. I play fiddle as well and Theo and Andy play backing's a good time so come out if ya want every Thursday 10p-2am. Friday was Andy Shaw Band at Ruby's. Our "home base" is always so welcoming and the band Shrub opened for us. We had a great great crowd and just an awesome night all together, not much more we can say but thanks to all who came out! Saturday Andy and I played North Market Wine Festival 1p-3pm always a great people watching gig on the porch. A bunch of good friends came out to see us which was awesome considering we have played like 50 shows this weekend, the die hards are what keep us going! Saturday night was Callahan's on the roof top which is such an awesome gig. It is free to get in and you can chill on a rooftop and look at the downtown skyline and get a beer. The weather was perfect and the crowd was great, we sold some cds so that is always good. Sunday (Tonight) we are hosting John Elliot who is traveling through Ohio. John is an amazing songwriter we met through Eric Nassau when John was playing at Rumba a couple years ago with Raina Rose (also amazing). We connected again at SXSW 2010 with John and Raina and we talked about doing a house show so it is happening tonight at 7pm at my house with Eric Nassau and the Shaw Brothers. I am really excited to play tonight it is gonna be great. John will be performing at the Cowtown Round tomorrow night with Jason Quicksall and myself I am really excited about that as well.

After last nights Callahan's gig we headed to KOBO for the grand opening. We got word that LES Crew was playing with their former singer Ev who I am a huge fan of but we ended up missing the show. The former Oldfield's on High (the sign still says it..) was buuuumping. Tons of new faces (atleast at Oldfield's) were there and two DJ's wearing Jawa-esque hoodies with laser beam eyes came onto the stage and started an all out rave including a projector and a flat screen proclaiming "drugs, drugs, drugs" and "holy shit, holy shit, holy shit" was insane. Not the typical thing you would have seen at Oldfield's atleast not when I was ever there. I hope Kobo does well I am optimistic about it being a hot spot again and can't wait to play there again.

Slim White and The Averys are hosting the monthly Ranch Party Round Up tonight at Shrunken Head, sad I will miss it for the house concert. Slim is a great guy and his band The Averys lay down some great old school country, I am talking honky TONK, not this new pop Carrie Underwood crap. Gotta see them in action and the line up looks great. Follow their story through this great blog complete with country accent and all. That's it for today, till next time!

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