Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahh..time flies

So I am not very good at updating this..ugh. What happened since the last time I posted. Wafflepalooza 2010....for one. This time it was more epic than last. Activity books were colored in, Speak Easy Three from Buffalo NY opened up, 3 waffle stations with like...5 cooks (with official WFLPLZA aprons) a menu including such favs as the Elvis Waffle which was bananas, peanutbutter, bacon, and honey..yeah I said bacon plus a lot of other musically named treats. My favorite (name that is) since I named it was the Rick James waffle..which was a plain waffle with powdered sugar, go ahead and do the math yourself.

My dad's happy hour retirement party at Woodlands was a success with the Shaw Brothers playing and Zoe's cupcakes, oh yeah good stuff. I think we even got a house concert out of it which is always a plus! After that show we went to the Black Keys concert. I got tickets at the LAST minute from my good friend Christina, thanks Christina!!! :) The concert was really good and Ginger got to go with me. I actually liked when they brought in the other players on bass and drums to fill it out a bit, it did not take away but it gave it a little extra oomph. I like them both too but it was cool to see a little more gusto behind them, just enough.

Tony's bar in Newark with ASB on the 14th. Pretty good crowd eventually, it was a bit empty at first. Kenny filled in on bass and did a really good job. We had some people come out to see us that actually knew who we were (thanks Ashley!) and invited us to a party afterward. We were all pretty tired but we went and enjoyed some Bud Lights and I personally enjoyed the hot tub, everyone else were being wimps! Who cares that the girl with the bloody foot got into the hot tub? Ha..ok that's gross but oh well it was fun I figure the heat killed all those germs..I'm still alive so I'm good. I felt slightly bad for the kid who was sitting on the side of the hot tub with his legs in the water that kept falling off...but like a trooper he kept getting right back on top of that tub, even though he would fall off two minutes later. Good times, good times.

August 20th we played at Rumba for the Keith Jenkins and Moving Parts CD Release. Matt Monta and HCB played and it was a bit weird seeing them play with a different fiddle player. Pete, ya did a good job! Now there are two Petes in the band..ha! I felt like our set was just reallly good that night. High energy and the room was packed full of our fans so that was nice. I like playing Rumba cuz usually we get a really good crowd and it's just so high energy. It was nice being able to play a short set and then go relax for once!

I also played two farmers markets, a nursing home, a frat bar, a benefit concert, a Jamaican themed party (including food..yum) at a country club in Chillicothe, and a hippie music festival called Ohmstead in which there was some excellent people watching to be had. My favorite was the older woman with the random drum that she danced with and went up to people at random to have them play on it and that was their ticket for her to leave you alone...ha. Thanks to the Ohms who had us out I really liked the festival and we all had a great time! Thanks to everyone else who set us up any of the previous mentioned gigs or anyone who came with us, good times by all. So this week starts my crazy gig week where I am playing today, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Fridays gig got cancelled..phew). Look for us on facebook search Andy Shaw Band and Shaw Brothers for our schedules! Whewwwww.

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