Sunday, September 12, 2010

More adventures

So an update on some of the things happening in my musical world. A great happy hour with Shaw Brothers at Woodlands happened September 1st thanks for all who came out and thanks to Michael Miller from LA for playing with us. Mellissa Fraley had a great debut at the open mic right after our happy hour set. Myself, Andyman Hopkins, and Adam Cummins backed her up and she sounded really good! Look for her in the future she is gonna be big! :) ASB played at Hookahville for the first time..that was awesome! I got to meet Anthony "AC" Cole the drummer for JJ Grey and Mofro, really nice and humble guy and incredible drummer. I have always loved Mofro and the drums that came with and never knew till recently who it was. I slipped him an ASB cd, hopefully he listens to it, who knows. JJ Grey and Mofro played a great set at Hookahville and I was upset at the crowd size. The crowd for Kottonmouth Kings was bigger and I just think that's a shame cuz Mofro is really good. Not to say Kottonmouth Kings aren't good, they do their thing but in my opinion Mofro puts on a better show. ASB played right between arguably the two biggest bands at the festival (well besides Hookah) but as far as national acclaim, we were between the two biggest bands. It was an honor to play and Hookah RIPPED there set on Saturday night. Ok so after Hookah was our marathon gig week,,,I actually love these weeks though they are tiring I feel just very productive and like a real professional musician, ha. So here is a run down. Sunday house party, Monday Upper Arlington Labor Day arts festival, Tuesday Pearl Market with Shaw Bros, Wednesday another Woodlands happy hour, Thursday Rumba with ASB/Wet Darlings/Molehill from Chicago (nice set guys!), Friday off (phew), Saturday at One Eyed Jacks in Dayton which was really fun despite feeling kinda sick, and tonight we are playing in Granville for Nat Reebs open mic as the featured artist, just Andy and me that will be fun..forget the name of the bar sorry!

Few things, the house party ruled thanks so much to everyone that made us feel welcome and despite this being a charity thing (our name was entered and someone bid on this house concert for a charity event) we were tipped over 200 bucks! Amazing! UA labor day fest was awesome thanks to all who came out early to see Andy and me it was fun playing that big of a stage with the duo. Bill Patterson, no joke you are fucking awesome at guitar. The Wet Darlings in general are just a perfect combo with Jenny Lute's obviously good vocals, Aaron Bishara's solid rocking drumming, Joe's highly under-rated solid as hell groove bass playing, and Bill being this architect with feedback and strange pedals that have to be held on music's just a killer killer band. I am really happy to see them having the success that they have seen because for one they are bad ass, and I know the brothers Patterson have been working a long time and they deserve every bit of success they get. Molehill, you guys were awesome too thanks for coming in I hope to play more shows with you in the future! Thanks to Rory (spelling?) the chef at One Eyed Jacks, Sayaka, Ellen, and all the other awesome staff for making us feel really welcome and the compliments were also really nice. We hope to continue to play OEJ in Dayton and bring the thunder every time! Phew, hears to next week!

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