Thursday, March 8, 2012

People Got Nothing

I hear people say "you are just playing the sterotype", or "just because your _____ doesn't mean I have to treat you any differently" or "it's still lazy, it's still incompetent, even though you are this color or that color". Yes, we should never judge someone by the color of their skin, but that's the problem. Skin color has nothing to do with's just outer appearance. Culture, circumstance, patterns of behavior, are all things to consider when dealing with people. If someone is mentally handicapped you would not talk to them like you would someone that is a Harvard scholar, you treat them the same yes but the fact is they come from different backgrounds, they have lived very very different lives. It's ok to have sympathy for someone that is mentally handicapped and try to understand where they are coming from though it may be very difficult to do so. It does not mean you are feeling sorry for them but it just takes that much more to be able to understand them as they are from a completely different background than you are. I feel this goes the same way for someone from a different country or different area of town even. Everyone is different but deep down we are all exactly the same. We all want the same thing. This song is partly different stories that people I know have told me about their lives. The things that they went through, the places they come from, are very different from where I come from. I come from a middle class family and have lived in the suburbs up until I was 18-19. I knew only my surroundings and never saw really any crime at all. I went to school, I played violin, I ate dinner with my family, I played sports, I had good friends, I had a pretty good life. My upbringing has led me to be able to do really great things. My college was paid for by my parents, I have a bachelors degree, no debt, and play music for a living. I work very very hard to do so but I have always had really great support for the most part from my parents. I try to look at other people that may not have been so fortunate. Check out the song, let me know what ya think it's a work in progress.

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