Thursday, March 8, 2012

People In The Streets

This song came to me when thinking about passing homeless people in the street, ignoring them, basically trying to feel some kind of empathy or at least sympathy for them. People tend to ignore these people or just pass them off like they don't matter and even treat them as just or something to just totally leave out of mind. I am guilty of this and I often think about what their story is, what they did to get where they are. It might be drugs, it might be a mental illness, it could be abuse, and it could just be poor choices or even laziness. I tend to think most people that are homeless are probably not just lazy they have had a hard hand given to them. I am a total proponent of getting up and seizing the day, getting shit done, but sometimes if you have only been given horrible horrible circumstances and that lead you to do drugs, and then you are broke, and then on the's not as easy as "get a job". If you have never been to that rock bottom or seen that side of life it's very hard to understand and I try really hard to understand everyone because we are all people in the end. Anyway, off my soap that's kinda the idea of this song. Also watching intervention and what not kinda gave me some ideas on this.

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