Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lots Goin' On....and of course I have been horrible about posting

So isn't this how blogs work? You're too busy doing stuff to actually write about it..then when ya have time it's like, oh yeah by the way this happened. Life is what happens when you're busy making plans, eh?

Well, the songs are certainly coming along and have come along way since the last time I posted. I have tons of recorded versions from rehearsals with Jeff Bass (on bass) and Justin Campbell (on drums) but SoundCloud is being a bitch so I'm not sure where to post them, any ideas? Apparently you are only allowed a certain amount of minutes before you have to start paying monthly, ugh..story of every awesome internet thing that figures out they should probably start making money on their thing that used to be free..oh well, can't blame 'em I guess. November 25th we hop into the studio in Athens with Josh Antonuccio and I'm pumped! Josh came by the rehearsal space we've been practicing in and listened to the tunes, it was fun playing them for him. Besides the barrage of people that come in and out of the studio from time to time we have not played these songs for really any audience so it's nice to have some feedback. Set list for upcoming session includdes:

Ones We Hate (title to be changed ASAP as it sounds like a death metal opus or something)
Just Maybe
People In The Streets
New Home
Don't Waste Your Time

I'd like to talk a little bit about each song too so here goes.
Crazy - This is a song about working with people that just drive you crazy. Bad communicators and just people that don't do business right...they set themselves up for failure. I never really write a lot of hateful tunes (ones we hate, is not a hateful song by the way, ha) but I guess I needed somewhere for this frustration so it's wrapped up in this funky groove. I think it's a little bit interesting structure wise, I hope people like it it's been sounding great in rehearsal though at first I was not sure if I wanted to record it at all.
Ones We Hate (working title) - I forget if it was Justin or Jeff that told me this song reminds them of "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" that Lenny Kravitz song, hey I'm ok with that. This is a super simple groove that I gotta give Jimmy Castoe some credit for helping out with. He played this really easy sixteenth note groove to the song and it really worked out well. I was imagining it a little bit different but I stuck with that beat cuz I thought it really complimented the music well.
Just Maybe - The ever popular break up song..this one was when I was listening to Adele like non-stop and was trying to write a melody like her. The groove was inspired by oddly enough Dr. Dre 2001 (check out the track Still D.R.E.) at least that's how I imagine it.
People In The Streets - I think a lot about people and what leads them to a certain point. I try to understand them rather than say oh they're just a waste of space or something. When people are asking me for change, I wonder if they really really need it, and why do they need it? I also was inspired by watching Intervention and just the horrible situations people get into and why they get into them. Bad family situations, abuse, boredom, and then what they do to each other and how those things can tear families apart. I still can hear a rap in this song, it's already pretty rhythmic they way I sing it but I'd love to maybe do a remix with an actual m.c. on it, we'll see...
New Home - Another Adele inspired break up song..this song is slowed down even slower than I originally planned and I think it sounds great. I'm going for an old school almost Motown soul type feel. The end really brings it home and will have multiple vocals over top of each other laid over a soulful 6/8 groove.
Don't Waste Your Time - Ok, ok, so I have been obsessed with Raphael Saadiq for like..ever now. This is my attempt at capturing some of that magic when I hear his tracks. I like the simple bridge that just says "Sometimes runnin' away aint no thing" and then I use the guitar to harmonize with the vocals, The chorus is going to be three part harmony stabs of "Don't waste your time", a simple song with a nice groove I'm really excited about maybe adding some horns to this one or even strings?

That's it for now I'll try to post some audio soon.

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