Monday, May 10, 2010

a busy week and it's off to NYC on Wednesday

This past week phewww it's over. Let's see Monday booking meeting at Thirsty Ear, Tuesday busking (more about that later), Wednesday gig w/Andy at Beekman Park for an OSU Engineer picnic, Wednesday night writing with Matt Monta for duets project, Thursday Lucky's gig w/Andy and Theo, and Friday a gig in Athens with ASB, Saturday 2pm blistering cold gig outside w/Shaw Bros. and finish the night off at Club Diversity another Shaw Bros gig.....ok Sunday...DAY OFF!!! Spent time with the lovely gf Ginger took her out to Marcella's (mom was out of town) had a great lazy day!

So I met Andyman Hopkins last week and we had a common interest: busking. He has toured all over the world and has recently planted himself in Columbus. I had never played with him and had only heard him on myspace in a couple videos, needless to say I loved it and busking with him was exhilrating (since I didn't know any of the material) and humbling (this guy kicks ass). We had a great cajun lunch at DeLevee (try it, it rules) chatted with some great folks, and made around 11 bucks each!

Thursday was our first gig at Lucky's for our acoustic patio sessions with Andy, Chris, and Theo..we don't call it Andy Shaw Band only because we aren't playing a TON of ASB songs...we may have to use that name soon though it's kinda confusing. It was a great night, we added drum set this year..a tiny version of my real kit. Bass drum, snare, and hi hat, and it worked out great...we will be there every Thursday starting in June.

Saturday Andy and I played the Gahanna "Spring Fling" and it was like 20 degrees outside. We showed up to a stage with no one in front of it and half the vendors (that woulda been the only audience) leaving. The other vendors were way far away from the stage. We set up, and played, the wind blew our speaker we were like..well we're getting out of here. The woman organizing it came over and was like "can you play just a little longer?". So Andy and me being the troopers we are, set our speakers on the floor and played maybe an hour more...felt like 4 the blistering cold. How the hell does it go from 85 to like 45 in a day??

A busy and interesting week to say the least! Wednesday we head to New York for a gig in Brooklyn with our friend Pezzettino on Thursday at Goodbye Blue Monday, Friday at The Bitter End, and Saturday at Sinclair's Pub in Long Island..I am very excited hopefully the weather is good for driving!

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