Friday, May 28, 2010

Hmm..Ravari Room, Michigan...what else?

Well the Andy Shaw Band had a great time in NYC. We are back now and just played a show at Ravari Room with Playhouse and One Under, two bands we have not had the pleasure to share the stage with yet. They are both great bands Billy's Playhouse brings a great live improv show with Carlos Fisher wailing there back on the drums, a sitar player, Mateo on B3 and everyone else was just awesome too. I especially like Carlos with his drum and bass he is sick. One Under killed it too and Justin Campbell sat in on drums with them, another beast behind the "skins" if you will.

I played the bluegrass jam the other night at Dicks, always a fun time..constantly trying to remember all the songs, they have such a big catalogue. The are slowly seeping into my brain and I love playing with those guys.

We are actually in a Red Roof Inn right now on our way to Saginaw Michigan to play with our friends The Banana Convention. They are a fun group of guys *and girl* we met a few years ago and I was trying to think of how we met or who we met through. I really can't remember...they are really good people and killer musicians, they used to ride around in a short bus they dubbed "The Cool Bus". The last time we saw them in C-Bus it had broken down, :(..hopefully they will revive it soon. ASB played last night in Dayton (where we are now) at One Eyed Jacks, a new spot for us. I really liked the place, good size, they had food which was pretty good (I just had fries), a great beer selection, plenty of pool tables and good people that jammed out. We sold like 10 CD's and by WE I mean our very helpful friends Melissa and Ro..thanks guys you rock! Our friend Kelsey was there and London who we met last time at Trolley Stop so that was awesome to see everyone, Dayton has been good to us.

My duets album is coming along and all I need is ONE more track to get ten. Matt Monta and I wrote a song waaay back and have finally decided to record it. It has taken a long time to get each other on the same schedule for recording but it will happen next week I think..finally! Once this is done I am going to be mixing it with Jay maybe adding a few things and then it's time to print it! I will be heavily promoting the album so look out for that, still untitled..any suggestions? It may be called Just Duet..if I don't get any suggestions...ha. Kidding.

I am still doing some booking for Thirsty Ear Tavern which actually officially changed its name to "Woodlands Tavern" which is really fun. The show I booked last night on a Thursday at 74 people at it, NICE work Phillip Fox and The Olde Souls! Thanks for making a great show. Let's see what else is going on? ASB got into the Park Street Festival. If you don't know about this one it happens every year and like a huuuge amount of people come out like 10,000 I have never been to it but they close the streets over by the North Market (Gaswerks, Brothers, Park Street Patio, etc..) and I think they may have vendors and a few live stages. This year none other than SMASH MOUTH is headlining...WTF? That is crazy! I didn't even know they were around still. Blues Traveler will also be there and some other local groups including ASB! Woot.

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