Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Throat of Justice

So I really like the line, is it cheesy? "How can you lay your boot across the throat of justice?"

The other day I came up with this really cool chord progression and I started it as a love song and it was like a fast almost latin beat. Today I wanted to try something different with the progression and slowed it down to a groove that fit well with more of an r and b verse. Then I amped the same progression up for a chorus that was very shouty and it turned into a protest song. How'd I go from that extreme to the other? Ha, well I have been writing a lot of lovey dovey songs but at the same time in the background is this terrible police brutality going on with the Occupy Wallstreet movement. They said there was something like 4,000 cases of police brutality, one that got a lot of news was a ton of college students protesting high tuition. They locked arms and sat in their own court yard non violently and got sprayed with pepper spray in the face. It's a really scary/sad/crazy/intense video and you should watch it. Yes, they were warned but dude WTF? Why did the police have to spray them when they were just sitting there? It's really stupid, basically "they won't move and we told them they have we spray them in the face with harmful chemicals". I don't get it, and I think that America needs to support protesting, first amendment rights, and speak out against the things that are not working. If we can not just speak out then what are our rights as citizens? College tuition has gone up every single year and it's so unaffordable not to mention the huge debt we go into after school. Anyway, rant aside I will be posting the song once I figure out which direction it's leaning toward. Here are some of the lyrics so far in progress:

Bet you failed that test back in high school
You were busy pulling sleeves and haunting dreams
But now you've got a super man vest
Still doesn't make it right and you will never be cool

Why do people think they can lay force upon each other?
When someone's just attempting to change what isn't right
Just spray it in their eyes cuz they won't move when we tell them
Then it's home to kiss the wife and beat the kids

How can you lay your boot across the throat of justice?
How can you shake your fist at the site of (something?)
(insert clever line here)
(another line)

Purple mountains majesty
And Amber waves of grain
We call it America
Home of the brave and land of the free

What do ya think?

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