Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alana..other stuff

Amazing time last night at Rumba for the Alana Howard beneft. Alana looked great, I was so amazed how good she looked her recovery has been amazing it seems. Apparently she has had the fastest recovery at OSU hospital from that sort of injury or something like that...I heard it through a second hand source so did not get full details, but wow! The support was amazing last night, I would love to hear an official number on what was raised monetarily but if everyone paid atleast $7 at the door they had to have raised atleast $700, here is hoping it was more than that! I had a blast playing with Mat Monta and HCB, Andy Shaw Band, and a surprise performance with Jesse Henry and Steven Fox of the Spikedrivers (with Tom Lasky from Floorwalkers on drums). The Spikedrivers were booked but for some reason could not play and I saw Jesse, Steve, and then later Tom jump up on stage on drums. I went up to the stage and was like "I got my fiddle...just in case..I'm just saying if ya need it" and good ol' Jesse was cool enough to let me up on stage. I have wanted to play with Jesse/Spikedrivers for a long time so I was really happy. I really wanted Jesse to pull out some tunes from their cd (I know their cd like the back of my hand) but instead he pulled out some lesser known (atleast by me) ones like "Dicks Den Waltz" and "Monster Trucks" ..I love Jesse, hell of a songwriter. At one point Steve was playing "Mountain Dew" and I could not tell what key he was in cuz some times the way he sings is kind of indescript, awesome ...but sometimes I can't tell what key he is in. And Jesse's guitar was not loud enough, I had a solo and luckily was in the right key (G). Anyway, good times had by all it was like a family reunion w/all these awesome musicians in the room, maybe a giant jam with everyone in the room woulda been the cherry on top...or maybe just a cluster fuck..ha. ASB plays Saturday with Jason Quicksall at Thirsty Ear, I'm off to see Floorwalkers LAST Ruby's show.

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