Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Floorwalkers

The Floorwalkers - Behind Beyond from Ohio Sessions on Vimeo.

You can not deny Jon Elliot's voice is smooth as butter, rich as chocolate, and as smooth and silky as anything. The Floorwalkers have been doing their weekly residency at Ruby's on Summit for two years or so and are about to have their "Last Stand". They recently did some sessions with Ohio Sessions, can't say enough good things about Andrew Baasch. I picked this video because it is a newer tune and I just really enjoy it. The comic relief halfway in provided by good ol' Theo is also a plus. I particularly like the video of them on the Cota Bus as well, if you have not seen them in a while please go check them out soon. The last Ruby's would be a great one to go to. Yes, it is a Wednesday and I don't care you have to work early. Look for big things from these guys, they are super nice guys and really talented, humble musicians.

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