Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am going to be posting some great videos. The first one is not a local artist but it is a girl named Margaret that goes by the stage name Pezzettino out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I saw her first at the Wild Goose Creative space when I played a show with The Shaw Brothers, Pezzettino, and Longsleeves. Later, Ben Laatsch who played that show would play a house concert at our house with Ben and Barb, Shaw Bros., and Ben Laatsch...good times. Anyway, I just happened upon this Pezzettino video today and I actually love the arrangement that she put together with drums and the video is just so cute. When she came through C-Bus it was just her and an accordian which was awesome too, she played this song and you will see it in the video where she jumps with the accordian, it is great. Whoever did this video did a great job.

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