Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phantods - Lone Highway

This is the Phantods, if you have not heard of them, you need to. They are a Columbus band that has been around a few years and I just love them. Here is a quote from Columbus Alive that describes them: "Few musical groups can jump from genre to genre and still sound like the same band. Phantods pull off this feat several times within each song, cherry-picking sounds from metal to punk to polka to surf rock to cabaret to circus music and back." I think this quote makes sense. I would say it is like prog-rock/circus/really creative guitar riffs with amazing soaring female vocals over it. A band that is hard to put into a box. That is music that takes chances, is creative, goes outside the box, but at the same time pulls you in with catchy lyrics and vocals and singable songs. By the way the bass and drums (Keenan, you are awesome) are also really great as well, I just mention the guitar and vocals because they are the most catchy part of the songs in my opinion. So anyway, good stuff I saw this show at Skully's (from the video) and it was packed, these guys are just awesome. They just got a song on the Real World, nice. Check it out here at minute 30:17..just skip over the episode, it's not worth the watch but the music is great! :)

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