Monday, October 10, 2011

Back from Florida, working on drums..

Back from Florida, admittedly I did not get a lot done. I tend to write by myself and when people hear or watch me write it's just kinda uncomfortable. Unless it's a duo or group session...I like to get my ideas flushed out before people hear 'em. I think that is probably normal. So now that I am back I feel the need to get to work like hard core. The tour was work of course but it felt like a vacation in a way, it was nice to stay in a condo and have a lot of time to do whatever it is we wanted. Right when I got home I started working on tunes again. I will share what I worked on last night but tonight I worked on a tune with the working title "Won't Talk To Me". I was inspired by like a Bill Withers type groove originally but I think it's evolved passed that. So I am trying different drum beats. Here is the first attempt: Won't Talk to Me Ver. 1 by efilsitra

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