Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blind Willie's Bar Lyrics and Audio

"Blind Willie's Bar" or "Spent My Whole Life" (working titles)

Amaj7 G
I'm sitting here at ol' blind willies bar
Kinda funny how i've outlived willie by this far
This place was once a diner,1979 
When willie bought it out man this place was a dive

He had some aspirations fixin up the place
Soon enough his wife had left and didn't leave a trace
Coming into the bar yeah willie was a mess
I was drinking Heineken that year but i digress

There's a girl in the corner I think that she's fine
That son of a bitch Eddie is testing out some pick up lines
He always gets the girls, the  young ones too
If I had a girl like that you know I wouldn't know what to do

F Am D7 Am F Am D7 Am G
I've spent my life in this place
I've seen it struggle and I've seen it  do great
Heads split open, I've seen birthday cakes explode
drunks crying in their drinks they don't never want to go home

This is kinda what I have so far, mostly I think these lyris are going to be in the song with some edits possibly, I like them so far though.

Here is the rough demo so far:
Blind Willie's Bar by efilsitra

Here is the second version with the drums laying into more of a reggae groove, trying to keep it really simple. The chorus is interesting with the snare being not in a typical backbeat but I feel it still works.

Blind Willie's Bar ver2 by efilsitra

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