Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blind Willie's Bar

This is one of the first songs I started working on with this project a while back. I had my good musician friend Justin Campbell join me when I was first showing these songs to people. I wanted him on drums but he ended up doing some great bass lines, I feel that I was not really ready yet though and things kinda fizzled out. Later when I was doing some rehearsals with Jimmy Castoe and Charlie Scott Justin filled in on drums once and it felt a ton better than those early rehearsals. Over all I know now I am in a much better place and can't wait to get these guys playing these tunes again, once they are more woodshedded out. So annyway, this song has a working title of "Spent My Whole Life" or "Blind Willie's Bar". This is a story song in the point of view of a bar fly, I guess you'd say. Just picture that guy sitting at the bar who's bar stool is shaped to his butt. He has seen it all and this is his story. I kinda based it so far around Ruby Tuesday on Summit in Columbus, Ohio and some things I have seen there and experienced. I am trying to put as many real references as I can in here. I will post the lyrics next and then some audio in a bit.

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