Tuesday, October 25, 2011

People In The Streets Lyrics

Here are the lyrics, they are not done yet and the mp3 doesn't reflect all the lyrics, I was mainly just getting the feel of the song not concentrating on lyrics. I have some work to do on these. I sometimes get inspired by homeless people, pan handlers, etc. This song is kind of a combo of watching people while walking around the city. I recognize some homeless people just by seeing them and I think about their stories and how some of them choose to be homeless and some of them are mentally ill. No matter if it's their choice or not to be homeless it is not an easy life. A lot of them are addicted to drugs and though yes it is a choice to do drugs it can be very hard to get out of when you go so far deep in that hole. No, I have never been addicted to drugs but seeing different documentaries about it and even being around it (a little), and from what I have learned in school and what not it is not easy to get off drugs. I also believe that we are all affected by are surroundings. People with good support and that come from a healthy home are often less likely to be addicted to a substance. This is of course not always true, some people just have addictive personalities. I guess I just am thankful that I do not have one and that I am in a good position in life. Ok, enough rambling.

People In The Streets
Chris Shaw

These people in the streets
They don't know what they mean
They find themselves in the middle of a crossroad barking up the family tree

The seek just what they need

It's not right but the roots grow deep
We're past the point of choice now we need a remedy
The dope is only just a tiny part of the disease

What gets buried underneath
Can never be revealed in the sunlight
It's gotta come out somewhere some how
This is the time to let it free
In good company

In good company

What's with this family
Everybody's cold and they're so hungry
They don't need food but they crave sanity
Another complication of dependency

It's not the bullet it's the belly of the beast
It's not the mashed potatoes it's the whole damn feast
It's the whole entire puzzle not just a piece
It takes your whole life not a day not a week

If we can't see past what we want to see
And we only see what we want to believe
We can't make this grow and be who we want to be
We gotta take this life and ....something?

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