Sunday, October 30, 2011

Different Inspirations - New Version

Different Inspirations version..? by efilsitra Here is another version of this song. I am really liking the groove here and the background vocals. What do you think?

here are the lyrics so far:

Different Inspirations
By Chris Shaw

I try to think of different inspirations
But all I can see is your face
The back of my mind is all I need to find
To get into some good head space

What you've done is nothing that you said to me 
But actions speak so clear
Maybe this is what you need
Distract so you don't bleed
Even after all of these years

I've got so many many questions
Nothing that I know I can ask
I want to look back but it's so damn new
it's just not the right time for that

I don't see what you see
I don't believe what you believe
I just think we disagree
And no one is to blame but it's hard to see

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