Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Different Hearts

Oh break up songs. So far I have recorded two versions of this song. I was originally trying to write a soulful song that was fast, I tend to try to write in a slow groove feeling but every once in a while ya gotta have a fast one. I really like this Alicia Keys tune "Wreckless Love" so the beat was kinda inspired by this, or the's not the same but this was kinda a kick-off point.

Also the guitar rhythm is an easy James Brown rip-off. I picture if it does end up fast that it will be a lot of ride cymbal/bell work and syncopation. I will upload both versions, I like the slow one as well so which is better?

Fast version:
Two Different Hearts by efilsitra
Slow Version:
Two Different Hearts ver2 by efilsitra />

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