Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chillicothe..duets album

So I was unable to get together with Bree today to work on our song, but it will happen very soon. Larry Cook and I are getting the vocals tracked on Tuesday for our song "Lawn Clippings" this is one of my fav tracks so far. I am really excited to get this duet album done, I am thinking 2 more tracks need to be written and then we can record those, along with the other songs, it is all happening..slowly but surely so I hope to have a finished product very soon.

I played drums with Andy Shaw Band last night in Chillicothe. We had a great time and we even got some video out of it. My dad bought one of those flip digital video recorders, pretty sweet so I made sure to get some video and hand it off to some friends to film us while we were playing. Met a lot of great people and saw some familiar friends as well, always a joy to play in Chilli. Read more about ASB adventures here.

So I record with Larry on Tuesday and then the next project is getting my live band together, working on that right now. Oh and last but not least, I was checking out some videos today of great local bands. Super Desserts did a great Ohio Sessions check that out. Also Relay Recording has housed some great artists including my friends the Floorwalkers, and I did not realize but Willy Mason did a video, if you have not checked him out, you are in for a treat. Ok that is it for now.

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