Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dayton tonight, tomorrow who knows?

Tonight I am traveling to Dayton with ASB to play at the Trolley Stop. We have played once before there and it was a great place. Good food, beer, people, and a cool back patio. Our good friend Dave Huffman of Jakob Freely introduced us to this place so thanks Dave. He writes a great (love his advice) blog about marketing your band and what not, good stuff here.

Last night we were in Toledo at Mickey Finn's. Cool place, not a huge draw of people. We met some awesome people and even had some fans come all the way from Tiffin to see us, so thanks so much guys! We will be back to Toledo soon I am sure.

Thursday night was a crazy one for me, after rehearsing with Heidi Howes and Abby I went home and got some stuff organized, showered, and headed to meet Jared Mahone (Jan. 29th next Friday with ASB and Wet Darlings...gonna be a good show!) to grab some flyers for the upcoming gig. He is writing a song a week for his Mixtape Project, so ambitious and such a good idea, the Jan. 29th Skullys gig we are playing w/Jared is going to be his first live show supporting that project. I think he is giving out free download cards of the first couple tracks. He seemed a bit stressed and he even had his pad out writing, he was telling me how he has to be writing constantly and that the first two weeks were pretty easy but he was kinda stuck at the moment, Jared is great and I don't have anything but good words to say about far..ha kidding. But yeah check him out and Andy Shaw Band at ...well you know where. So ANYWAY, I went and played with Heidi at Thirsty Ear with RJ Cowdery (who opened up) She is amazing and this local internet tv station called Fabb Vision was filming the whole concert. RJ saw me tuning up during her last song and asked me to join her on stage with the fiddle so that was awesome, she is so good and hopefully we will work together some day, like me be on a record of hers (that would be sweet). Heidi's set went really well for our first official gig as Heidi, Abby, and me..oh and Christian sat in playing guitar (really it was bass with an octave pedal) and some fiddle when I got off stage. The highlight I thought was "Listen to your Dreams" a really cool song where Abby and I do some swelly background vocals on, Heidi's voice is just sick so if you have not heard her check her out. I hopped over to The Treehouse after that gig to sit in with Slim White and the Averys, those guys sure know how to play some fun country. It is like going back in time, great harmonies, simple but awesome drums (Brady even pulled out a washboard!), amazing Tele work by Seth, and they even had Mike from Dottie and Clyde sit in on mandolin, nice work! Good times had by I am off to Dayton!

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