Monday, January 25, 2010

Hoodoo, Dayton, and Whoknowswhat?

If you have not already, go to Rumba Cafe (Summit and Hudson in Columbus...duh) on a Sunday night 10p-2am and see Hoodoo Soul Band. It is your duty as a human being. They play weekly, and bring a great crowd. Normally I would not try to heavily promote a cover band but I really do not consider these guys a cover band..that's almost a bad word. These guys are like the tribute band to every funky, soulful, rockin tune there is..each song they play is a brilliant randition of whatever artist they choose. If that makes any did in my head. The lead guitar player and sometimes singer Kevin Oliver was in P. Funk at one point, for gosh darn sakes. Jeff Ciampa the bass player has worked on Grammy nominated albums (they may have won..can't remember...) he is a badass either way on bass. The harmonies are always spot on, horn section, great keys, just all encompassing good, oh and Tony McClung on drums, man that guy pisses me off he is so good, talk about pocket. Phew, I'm done gushing I think.

So ASB had a great trip to Dayton and I wanted to share this video with you, since we did not know anyone there and no one came up with us besides people playing in the band, I took it upon myself to film a little bit of our experience..while playing drums. I did the best I can, and I think at the end of the video I throw the little flip video camera to the ground cuz I had to catch the one so sorry about the ending, not the girl in the white w/black polkadots shirt dancing, I LOVED watching her she was great. I wish I woulda gotten the impromptu rapper's delight we busted into, that was awesome and people were dancing their hineys off.

In other news, I have been working on this hip hop album. This is a really fun project and I am super excited to get some local C-Bus people working on it. Been listening to a lot of Fugees and Erykah Badu and Heidi Howes just lent me her classical guitar which has already been utilized, Fugees..Wyclef...Islands..classical guita...yeah, neurons are working and synapses and firing and all good stuff. Well, atleast I understand my own blog. This Friday at Skully's is gonna be a big show, I have mentioned it forty times already so ASB, The Wet Darlings, and Jared Mahone, good times.

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