Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introduction, etc..

Hey I am Chris, I play music in Columbus Ohio. This is going to kind of be a good record for me, and whomever wants to read about on goings in my life in music. I quit working a "real" job a while back and have been supporting myself by playing music and doing a little graphic design but mostly just playing music and teaching lessons. I play with Andy Shaw Band primarily. I also play with Shaw Brothers..kind of a spin off of that group but with all different songs where I play and write songs on acoustic guitar and play violin to back up my bro, also djembe and whatever is needed. I also play fiddle for Matt Monta and the Hot Coal Band and have performed with many groups in town and toured recently through Europe with Jonalee White. Columbus has a vibrant music scene and this may be the place where I talk about that, or I may start another blog about that in itself, cuz there is a lot to say.

Right now I am working on a duets album where I get together with a local music hero of my choice, and if they are up for it, we write a tune and then soon after, record it. I have written with Megan Palmer, Matt Monta, Bree Frick, Larry Cook, Mike Unger, Joey Hebdo, Joey Gardina, and Heidi Howes. So far the songs that are tracked are as follows: "Desire is a Permanent Stain" with Heidi, "As Birds Do" with Megan, "Lawn Clippings" with Larry Cook, "Squeeze the Sponge..a working title" with Joey Hebdo, and will be recording more very soon. Hopefully this project will be done by March (fingers crossed). Ideally I want about ten tracks. It has been an amazingly fun and challenging project to write, work on, and help produce with the aid of Jay Alton engineering and producing as well.

Inspired by the local music scene, my love for hip hop, groove drumming, R&B, and such I have decided to produce a rap record. Ideally I want to play drums on it, maybe some violin, guitar, mandolin, who knows right now? The local scene is bursting with energy, especially (atleast I have noticed recently) the 'live band hip hop' scene with exceptional groups like L.E.S. Crew coming up and G Finesse and the N.S. Crew to name just 2 groups, and I am really excited about collaborating with a ton of local artists for this project, but the duets album must be done first!

So next is playing with Andy Shaw Band on January 8th in Athens Ohio and January 9th in Chillicothe and then writing session with Bree Frick to finish off the week. SWEET!

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