Saturday, January 16, 2010

More stuff

Last night I celebrated my friend Christina's birthday at Cafe Bella...if you have not been there yet then you are simply just stupid. Ha, but seriously it is THAT good. It is right near Hudson and High at 2593 North High Street. So after we ate we went to the Ravari Room where a bunch of bands were playing. Saturday Giant, which I sadly friend Roseanne from Wing and Tusk is in that band I saw her there and she was explaining that they were all in a Queen cover band and formed an original band so I will have to see them another time! I did catch Afortiori which is why we went to Ravari because Christina works with some of those guys at Newport. They were pretty cool, I thought the bass lines were grooving and I liked the simplicity of it. Not to downplay it, that is a good thing. I love when bands do melodies in unison where the bass and guitars are doing the same thing and the drums compliment well..good stuff. There was a band called Kuan from Dayton and then Six Gallery who just got a great deal where they are going to be touring in Europe and get their album distributed worldwide by EMI. Read more about it here. Good stuff from these guys, it can be a little heady for me (I told you I like simplicity) but they are definitely talented guys and I love that Daniel Francis became their singer. I kinda have a thing with instrumental bands...I mean really it's just that I like songs and singers and lyrics, nothing really against them I just prefer bands with singers. Anyway, Daniel's vocals are powerful and he and the band are just great performers. The thing I like about alot of these bands is that they play with raw emotion. There are tons of bands that are technically great but they just stand on stage. I am constanly trying to be a better performer and channel that raw emotion that flows through you while playing music. These guys get it.

So after Ravari we caught like 3 songs from The Wet Darlings. After going through some drummer changes and playing a ton of shows at the beginning of their existence, these guys have really found their own sound. I have not seen them in a while and am excited to finally play with them again (January 29th at Skullys with Jared Mahone and me on drums with Andy Shaw Band) shameless plug. Anyway, Jenny Lute is just an amazing powerful vocalist and with the Patterson brothers backing her up with sweet bass riffs and intricately arranged guitar parts (Bill, where do you come up with these chords?) and Aaron Bishara just solid on those drums, they have a great sound. It's a little soul its definitely rock, it's fresh, contemporary, and just good and unique. Good times..tonight I go play in Delware with Andy Shaw Band. The Backstretch bar is A long narrow bar packed with college kids from Ohio Weslyan and they have always been very welcoming of us. We have already started to build a good fanbase there so we hope to increase it every time we go. I will post a video soon of this past Tuesdays jam at Ruby Tuesday (fittingly) with Evan Oberla, he hosts this jam every week now at Ruby's moving if from Rumba, its former location.

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